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Jordi Torres is a full professor at UPC Barcelona Tech and research manager at Barcelona Supercomputing Center with a wide range of research and teaching activities for over 25 years. 

His current principal research interest involves explore the future of HPC/BigData computing convergence and its application to Big Data analytics and Cognitive Computing challenges.

Right now he also has a consultative and strategy role with a visionary task related to next generation technology and its impact. He is both a creative thinker and influential collaborator base on that he has worn many hats throughout his long career. He acts as an expert for various organizations and companies and mentors entrepreneurs. He is also a writer, gives conferences and collaborates with Spanish mass media.


Curriculum Vitae


Brief Curriculum Vitae (English)

Jordi Torres has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC Barcelona Tech, 1988) and also holds a Ph. D. from the same institution (Best UPC Computer Science Thesis Award, 1993). Currently he is a full professor in the Computer Architecture Department at UPC Barcelona Tech. He has more than twenty five years of experience in research and development of advanced distributed and parallel systems in the High Performance Computing Group at UPC. He has been a visiting researcher at the ―Center for Supercomputing Research & Development‖ at Urbana-Champaign (Illinois, USA, 1992).

Research: His principal interest involves explore the future of computing by performing high-level research in today’s computer applications that have to deal with critical IT challenges in areas such as Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing (Supercomputing), Sustainable Computing, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing Platforms.
He has more than 150 research publications in journals, conferences and book chapters (complete list). He is member of IEEE, ACM and ISOC and was involved in several conferences organized by these associations and member of management committees. He has been a Program Committee member of more than 50 conferences in the area, as well as taking up other positions such as Poster Chair, Program Chair, Publicity Chair, Steering Committee member (complete list). He also served as a reviewer for relevant journals in the area as IEEE Transactions on Computers, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Concurrency and Computation-Practice and Experience, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, International Journal of Autonomic Computing, among other.
Jordi Torres has acted as a supervisor of 7 PhD Thesis, and currently, he is supervising another 3 PhD students.

Research Group: In 2005 the Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC) was founded and he was nominated as a Manager for Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms research line in BSC. The research group produces research publications (over 100 publications and 11 PhD Thesis) as well as software components that can be applied at middleware level in order to improve their adaptability, efficiency and productivity. Some of the open source software produced in our research group are: Aeneas, EMOTIVECloud, servioticy, AlojaHadoop adaptive scheduler. The research group targets execution platforms composed of high-productivity heterogeneous multi-core systems with accelerators and advanced storage architectures deployed in large-scale distributed environments. The group is also working in the design of novel algorithms to enable massive scale data and video analytics in large-scale clusters running several middleware in order to make the context computable.

Active Projects: The Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms research group has participated in a number of competitive calls and a lot of them involve University-Industry Technology Transference. The current projects are:
– COMPOSE is a European Project FP7-ICT-2011.1.2 about collaborative Open Market to Place Objects at your Service. (2012-2015)
– EuroServer is a FP7-ICT-2013-10 European Project, about Green Computing Node for European Microservers. (2013-2016)
– RenewIT is a FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013 European Project, about advanced tools for renewable energy supply of DataCenter (2013-2016)
– ASCETiC is a FP7-ICT-2013-10 European Project, about Adapting Service lifeCycle towards EfficienT Clouds. (2013-2016)
– Severo Ochoa Distinction where our group is participating in the Data management layer of the BSC software stack. (2012-2016)
– Lighness is a FP7-Future Networks EU Project about low latency and high throughput dynamic network infrastructures for DC (2012-2015)
– ALOJA is a private project funded by Microsoft Research that aims to provide automated optimization to Hadoop’s performance. (2014-2016)
– Two projects with two research group at IBM Research-Watson Lab under BSC-IBM SoW a joint research projects between BSC and IBM.(2013-2016)
– BSC-CA is a private project funded by CA Technologies. The main goal is to provide a decision support system (2014-2015)
– Spanish Research Grant “Computación de Altas Prestaciones VI” under contract TIN2012-34557, from Spanish goverment (2013- 2017)
– Catalan Research Grant 2014-SGR-1051 de grup de recerca consolidat (2014-2018)
The Autonomic Systems and eBusiness Platforms research line in BSC also is involved in Networks of Excellence: European Network of Excellence on High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation (HiPEAC), Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE) and European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing (ETP4HPC).

Teaching: He have been lecturing on Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture and on Performance Evaluation in the UPC Barcelona Tech.  At present he lectures on Computer Science courses in the Computer Science School  (topics: Cloud Computing and Big Data), in the Master in innovation and Research in Informatics ( topics: High Performance Computing), and the Erasmus Mundus Master in Distributed Computing (topic: Big Data Analytics). He has been a member of the Catedra Telefonica-UPC where he worked in teaching innovation (2003-2005),

Expert and Consultant:   Right now he has also a consultative and a strategy role at BSC with a visionary task related with next generation technology, being both a creative thinker and influential collaborator base on that he has worn many hats along his long career.

He acts as an expert on these topics for various organizations, companies and mentoring entrepreneurs. He has been member of UPCnet management board during 2011-2013. He is member of the advisory board at Barcelona Big Data Center of Excellence.

He has held several appointments as an independent expert, by the European Comission (Information Society and Media Directorate) in 2010, by Friends of Europe’s Greening Europe Forum in 2011, and has been electected as Expert of Swiss Academy of Engineering Science for period 2012- 2013.

He has been elected as evaluator by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología of Spain, the Dirección General de Investigación of Community of Madrid (Spain), the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló (Spain), the Departament d’Universitat I Recerca of the Genaralitat de Catalunya (Spain), La Caixa Foundation, and the Science Foundation (Ireland) among others institutions. In 2010, he was elected by the Fundació Centre Tècnològic de Catalunya as a member of board of expert for elaborating the white paper ―The contribution of ICT to the transition to a more sustainable energy model‖. And in 2012 he was invited by the European Comission to contribute at the Second Digital Assembly Agenda.

Dissemination & Talks: In addition to his research, He is also actively involved in science communication with general audiences, particularly young people. During a period (2009-2012) he collaborated with spanish mass media (La Vanguardia Newspaper and RAC1 radio station) to disseminate ICT and published two books about science and technology for a general audience. Last 5 years he has also given more than 35 talks in seminars to different audiences, from worldwide experts to common citizens and Highschool students.
He is also a member of the ―Societat Catalana de Tecnologia de l’Institut d’Estudis Catalans‖, and the Facultat Informàtica de Barcelona Alumni (he was one of its founders) , Societat Economica Barcelonesa d’Amics del País (SEBAP), among others. During 1992-2000 he has been the coordinator of the promotion and dissemination of technology at European Center for Parallelism of Barcelona (CEPBA).

Blog: Hi publishes a Blog on Big Data and Cloud Computing since 2007.

Management: Before being manager at BSC, he was a member of the European Center for Parallelism of Barcelona (CEPBA) (1994-2004) and a member of the board of managers of CEPBA-IBM Research Institute (CIRI) (2000-2004).  Currently he is also member of the Acces Committee at BSC.
He has been Vice-dean of Institutional Relations at the Computer Science School (1998- 2001) and a member of the University Senate (Claustre) and member of the Board of Governors (Junta de Govern) (2011-2013). He has also participated in numerous academic management activities and institutional representation.

Awards and recognitions: During his carrier he has received a IBM Faculty Award(2008),  “Menció Fiber” (2015), a best paper Award at IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications conference, Cambridge MA USA (2007), 4 “tramos de investigación” conceded by the “Comisión nacional e valuadora de la actividad investigadora”, a best UPC Computer Science Thesis Award 1993-94, OLIVETTI-UPC Intership Grant (1992), UPC Phd Grant (1991).

Grants, Awards and Recognitions:

  • Menció FIBER, 2015.
  • IBM Faculty Award, 2008.
  • Best paper Award at IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications conference, Cambridge MA USA 2007.
  • 4 “Tramos de investigación” concedidos por la Comisión nacional e valuadora de la actividad investigadora.
  • Best UPC Computer Science Thesis Award 1993-94.
  • OLIVETTI-UPC Intership Grant, 1992.
  • UPC Phd Grant, 1991.
  • Accésit al 1er concurso de ideas medioambientales de la UPC con el proyecto docente “EcoLliurament”, junto con el profesor Josep R. Herrero, Abril, 1998.
  • Trabajo “Conceptos Avanzados de Sistemas Operativos” distinguido  y galardonado en el concurso de Ayudas para la elaboración de material docente. Marzo, 1997.
  • Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado en Informática de la promoción 1993-94.

Personal: Argentoní

De sempre que ha participat activament en la vida sociocultural d’Argentona. Ja al 1979 (fins el 1982), participant i gaudint de les matinals del diumenge amb el Grup de Fonts, mà a mà amb en Pep Padrós i en Josep Viñals, de grata memòria; també fent de monitor del grup d’esplai del Llaç d’Amistat (1980-1984), ensemps, que, amb en Toni Carbonell i en Pep Padrós portaven la Secció Sardanista del Llaç d’Amistat. Posteriorment va ser cofundador del Grup de Muntanya d’Argentona, del qual va ser president entre els anys 1992-1993. Membre del Centre d’Estudis Argentonins i col.laborador en la seva revista fonts. Membre actiu a l’AMPA del col.legi i l’institut al llarg dels anys. Anfitrió de diverses sortides socials de gent de la universitat al Castell de Burriac (veure fotos i llista). Publicacions en aquest àmbit:

  • Co-autor de la guia i mapa excursionista “Argentona i el seu entorn”. A. Alonso, Ll. Asla, M. Banchs, A. Carbonell, S. Casas, J. Famadas, D. Farell, C. Hervàs, J. Lladó, F. Lladó, P. Padrós, P. Pannon, J.M. Parera, X. Petit, LL. Serra, E. Subiñà, J. Torres . Ed. Alpina SL, 2006. ISBN: 84-8090-193-4
  • Co-autor del llibre “LES FONTS D´ARGENTONA“. J.Bellalta, S.Coll, A. Diaz, J. A. Framis, I. Font, J. Nogueras, P. Padrós, J. Parera, J.M. Parera, V. Puig, C. Rodrigo, P. Ros, J. Torres, J. Viñals. Ed. Ajunt. d’Argentona, 1982 (reedició 1994) ISBN 84-88568-11-8
  • Co-autor de una colecció de tríptics: “Les fonts d’Argentona”, Ll. Serra, A. Carbonell, P. Padrós, C. Hervás, J. Torres. Ed. Ajunt. d’Argentona, 2006.
  • Co-creador del butlletí “El mal pas” del GMA, 1992. Dep. Legal B-11.769-92.

How to Contact

Jordi Torres
Professor – Catedràtico – Catedràtic
Technical University of Catalonia (UPC Barcelona Tech)
Computer Architecture DepartmentUPC, Campus Nord, Modul C6 – 217
C/ Jordi Girona, 1-3. (map)
E-08034 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 93 401 7223
email: torres @ ac.upc.edu
Jordi Torres
Research Manager
Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)
Autonomic Systems and eBusiness PlatformsBSC-CNS. Nexus II Building
c/ Jordi Girona, 29 (map)
08034 Barcelona
Phone: (+34) 93 413 7716
email: jordi.torres @ bsc.es

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